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The Real Cleantech Deal

EBTC is facilitating cooperation between the Swedish municipality of Sundsvall, and Bangalore based Satarem India on a waste to energy project.

Satarem India (Bangalore) is a part of Satarem AG (Switzerland) that is involved in heavy engineering industries with core interests in the clean energy and environment sector. Having been awarded two concession agreements to produce electricity from waste in Bangalore (1000 tons/day) and Chennai (2000 tons/day), Satarem India had been seeking technology, process management and financing partnerships from Europe with a specific interest in collaborations with Swedish technology.

During the recent EBTC Environment mission in Bengaluru, Mr. Venkatesh Sivaraman, Executive Director of Satarem India met with the CleanTech Region, Sundsvall, Sweden representative,Mr. Ramani Nagarajan.

As a result of these initial discussions, Satarem India became interested in the integrated waste to energy project operated by the Sundsvall Energi and was keen to collaborate with them to bring the technology and process to India. The main objectives being to manage and treat the waste, produce electricity, reduce land filling and emulate EU emission control standards in an Indian waste management project. CleanTech Region, Sundsvall, represents several clean tech companies and initiatives of this very innovation region in mid-Sweden. CleanTech Region was encouraged to explore business opportunities in India by EBTC partner, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute.

CleanTech region, IVL and EBTC organized the visit of Satarem India with Sundsvall Energi that included a detailed presentation of the project, performance and costs, including a site visit to the plant to witness the highly professionally managed facility that converts 200,000 tons/ year of municipal waste to heat and electricity with grate incinerator technology, including flue gas treatment. Participants were impressed by the systematic operations and management of the plant.

Satarem also met with IVL Swedish Environmental Institute in Stockholm to discuss technology and financing collaboration with Swedish entities. In the next few weeks, the discussions between the aforementioned will continue to explore the parameters for a win-win collaboration. In this entire process, time and speed are given high importance as the projects in India are planned to break ground in 6 months.

It was clear that this hub of innovation has a lot to contribute for the sustainable growth of businesses in India. While technology benefits were discussed, a lot of emphasis was made on developing profitable joint businesses tapping Swedish technologies for Indian markets. In real time, companies from a European cluster and hub of innovation were introduced to the benefits of doing business in India and India-specific business models.